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Business Checking Accounts

MNB offers a variety of accounts to meet your unique business needs. These accounts provide a safe, convenient depository for commercial receipts, as well as an easy method for paying bills and meeting payrolls. Customers also gain access to MNB’s most modern, efficient methods of cash management with Business Cash Manager. Opening an account is the first step to a great relationship!

Small Business Checking

For sole proprietorships, start-ups and small businesses with low monthly check transactions and deposits.

Business Checking

For businesses with moderate to high monthly check transactions and deposits.

Business Analysis Checking

The Business Analysis Checking account features a fully automated analysis to determine the monthly service charge and transaction fees and a potential for earnings credit based on account balance to offset certain charges.

Sweep Investment Checking

Electronically moves excess collected funds from your non-interest bearing checking account to an investment account that earns interest. The funds are moved back into the checking account to meet activity demands as checks are presented to the account.

Only funds in the business checking account are FDIC insured. Funds "swept" to the money market investment account are not FDIC-insured, might lose value, and have no bank guarantee.


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