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(Personal Financial Management Tool)

MyLife is a Personal Financial Management Tool within Online Banking that will help successfully manage your entire financial portfolio from a single easy-to-use dashboard. With MyLife, you can create budgets to categorize and track spending habits to make smarter financial choices; bring your budget to life with the Cash Flow Calendar; set and track goals to help you take control and reach your financial objectives; build wealth and watch it grow with the Net Worth tool; and much more!


  • View all of your investment, mortgage, credit card and bank accounts from any institution in one place
  • Customize your dashboard to see your goal progress, budget items and expenses


  • Bring in accounts from outside of MNB. They are categorized as Cash, Credit Cards, Debts, or Investments.
  • Include or exclude whatever accounts you’d like in the Dashboard or Expense widget, hide the ones you don’t want included such as children’s accounts, business accounts, etc.


  • Transaction editor is streamlined and optimized for clarity
  • The tagging system intelligently categorizes transactions
  • Split-tagging system provides you to allocate transactions towards multiple tags
  • Additional account information will be shown on an as-available basis (available balance, payment due dates, minimum payment amounts, etc.)
  • Monitor by account type, debit or credit transactions, etc.
  • Export your PFM transactions via CSV file. Have all your transactions in a printable format to review outside the PFM app.


  • Layout provides a concise view of budget progress
  • Ability to add alerts while creating new spending targets
  • “Monthly progress” meters let you see if you’re outpacing your budget for the month with colorful indicators
  • See how much money is available after your bills are paid and goals are met


  • Agenda view allows you to see upcoming income and bill items in a linear format
  • Clear labels make it easier to see upcoming income/bill amounts


  • See how much money is available for goals after your bills and budgets are taken into consideration

Net worth

  • Provides a graphical overview of your asset and debt breakdown
  • Ability to add custom asset and debt items (e.g. house, car, non-aggregated loans)

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