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Recreational Land Loans

Whether you want to catch a trophy fish, love to hunt that large buck, enjoy a hike on a beautiful trail, or simply love to be out in nature, we can help finance your dream of owning your own recreational land where you can get away from all of the stresses of life. MidAmerica National Bank offers competitive rates, local decision-making, and quick turnaround for recreational land loans including:

  • Timber
  • Open Land
  • Crop Land
  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Wildlife

Schedule a meeting with one of our experienced lenders and let the adventure begin!

Our Fulton County Loan Officers

Zack Krulac, Vice President
309-647-5000  |  email Zack Krulac

Greg Lardi, Vice President 
309-647-5000  |  email Greg Lardi

Doug Tindall, Vice President 
309-547-2246  |  email Doug Tindall

Ryan Spangler, Loan Officer
309-647-5000  |  email Ryan Spangler

Our Marshall County Loan Officer

Denise Salisbury, Assistant Vice President
309-364-2302  |  email Denise Salisbury

Our McDonough County Loan Officers

Ryan Van Dolah, Vice President
309-833-4111  |  email Ryan Van Dolah

Jamie Cumbie, Vice President
309-833-4111 |  email Jamie Cumbie

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