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Consumer Loans

At MNB, your dreams are our mission. We work hard to secure accommodating rates and customized lending that works for each of our customers. Whether you’re financing a vehicle, family vacation, or anything in between, our knowledgeable lenders will work closely with you to custom tailor financing based on your unique situation. Plus, we handle everything locally for the streamlined decision you deserve.

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  • Flexible terms
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Local approval process
  • Experienced lenders
  • Knowledgeable staff to guide you throughout the process
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Our Fulton County Team

Zack Krulac, Vice President 
309-647-5000 | email Zack Krulac

Greg Lardi, Vice President
309-647-5000  |  email Greg Lardi

Doug Tindall, Vice President 
309-547-2246 | email Doug Tindall

Ryan Spangler, Loan Officer
309-647-5000  |  email Ryan Spangler

Lisa Rosich, Mortgage Loan Officer
309-647-5000  |  email Lisa Rosich

Tanner Picton, Retail Lending Manager
309-647-5000  |  email Tanner Picton

Carson Markland, Retail Lending Underwriter
309-647-5000  |  email Carson Markland

Emily Johnson, Loan Administrator
309-647-5000  |  email Emily Johnson

Shannon Johnson, Loan Administrator
309-547-2246  |  email Shannon Johnson

Harley Barnard, Assistant Retail Manager
309-647-5000 | email Harley Barnard

Sara Hulet, Personal Banker 
309-647-5000 | email Sara Hulet

Our McDonough County Team

Ryan Van Dolah, Vice President
309-833-4111 | email Ryan Van Dolah

Jamie Cumbie, Vice President
309-833-4111 | email Jamie Cumbie

Raquel Mason, Loan Administrator
309-833-4111  |  email Raquel Mason

Rhonda Simpson, Loan Administrator
309-833-4111  |  email Rhonda Simpson

Rebekkah Raleigh, Personal Banker
309-833-4111 |  email Rebekkah Raleigh

Brooke Fleetwood, Personal Banker
309-833-4111  |  email Brooke Fleetwood

Megan Wallen, Business Banking Associate
309-833-4111  |  email Megan Wallen

Our Marshall County Team

Robert Watkins, Executive Vice President
309-364-2302  |  email Robert Watkins

Denise Salisbury, Assistant Vice President
309-364-2302 | email Denise Salisbury

Christy Beall, Assistant Vice President
309-364-2302 | email Christy Beall

Andrew Lockwood, Mortgage Loan Officer
309-364-2302  |  email Andrew Lockwood

Wendy Todd, Loan Administrator
309-364-2302  |  email Wendy Todd

Shelly Schreiber, Personal Banker
309-364-2302 | email Shelly Schreiber


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