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Fraud Education - June 2021

by Stacy Wise | Jun 10, 2021



Written by Andrea Klinedinst, Compliance Assistant


As companies are looking for new ways to reach their customers, scammers are looking for new ways to get your information. Now that cellphones are basically always on hand, more companies are looking to text messaging to keep you updated, and scammers are looking to text messaging to find their next victim in a scam called “smishing.”

What is Smishing?
Smishing is a form of phishing scam that uses Short Message Service (SMS) or text-based messages to deceive victims.

How does Smishing work?
The scammers send a text with a dangerous link or a request to respond with personal information. In these messages, the scammers may pose as your bank or other businesses or services where you may have an online account. 

These messages can show up with a link that once clicked on will install malware on your device or take you to a fake login screen where scammers can get your personal information, files, or passwords.

Smishing messages can also contain phone numbers with a request to call the number due to account issues or unusual activity. Once you call the number, a scammer will answer and try to get your personal information.

What can you do to avoid Smishing?
First, stop and think. There are easy steps you can take to avoid a Smishing attack.

  • Don’t click on links in text messages from someone you don’t know.
  • Don’t send personal information like passwords or account numbers over text message.
  • Don’t call any number sent in a suspicious text. Look up the official company number and verify the message if needed.
  • Don’t panic or make quick decisions. Often scammers will tell you the issue is time sensitive to make you act rashly and slip up.
  • Remember that MNB and other official agencies will not request confidential information by text message.


If you believe you have received a fake message from MNB, don’t respond—report any suspected fraud to the MNB Customer Service Department at 877-647-5050 or visit any location. Be informed and stay safe. 

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