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Ask The Expert - February 2024

by Stacy Wise | Feb 05, 2024

Spring Clean Your Credit

Ways to Spring Clean Your Credit


Written by Andrea Klinedinst, Executive Administrative Assistant


With Spring, hopefully (in my opinion), just around the corner, it’s already time to start thinking about spring cleaning again. Spring cleaning doesn’t always just apply to your house either, but it can also apply to your cybersecurity and your finances, and more specifically, to your credit. Our expert for this article, Jamie Cumbie, Vice President and Commercial/Ag Loan Officer at our Macomb Main banking center, has some helpful ways below for you to start spring cleaning your credit


Jamie Cumbie: The single most important aspect to cleaning up your credit is to pay your bills on time.  Setting up automatic payments or auto debits can make this simple to accomplish. 


After payment history, the next most significant factor to cleaning up your credit is to monitor the amount of revolving debt outstanding compared to the amount of credit available.  It is commonly recommended to keep credit utilization below 30%.  For example, if your credit limit is $10,000, your balance should be $3,000 or below.


Another component to consider regarding your credit is the longevity of accounts.  Older credit card accounts are favored by the credit reporting bureaus to recently opened credit cards. 


You can access a free copy of your credit report at  This will help you monitor your credit to ensure the information is accurate, dispute any errors, and address any collections reported.


Keep in mind credit scoring models can vary.  It is likely that the credit score model you may use to check your credit report is not the same model your lender utilizes.  Also, creditors have different reporting schedules to the credit bureaus, and the timing of the reporting may affect your score. 


Credit reports from TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax include a list of risk factors specific to your report.   Examples of these risk factors include, “Too many accounts with balances” or “Too many account inquiries in the last 12 months.”  Addressing or improving the listed risk factors on your credit report may help your credit score. 


If you’re in the market for a loan it is helpful to condense your shopping to a two-week window.  As you are rate shopping for that car or home, potential lenders are making credit inquiries.  Multiple credit inquiries spread over longer than two weeks can negatively impact your credit score.


Lastly, your MidAmerica National Banker is here to discuss your particular situation and offer suggestions.


You can start using these tips now to get a jump start on your credit spring cleaning. As Jamie said, our lenders here at MNB are available to discuss your credit and loans with you. If you have any questions, set up an appointment or call us at 877-647-5050 today.

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