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Contactless Card Frequently Asked Questions

Contactless Card FAQs

How do I use the new contactless feature?

Step 1: Look for the contactless symbol at checkout:


Contact cards - step 1

Step 2: Simply tap the terminal to make your payment.


Contactless card - step 2


Step 3: Once your payment is complete, you're good to go!


Contactless card - step 3


At terminals that are not contactless enabled, insert or swipe your card as you would with your previous card.


What if a merchant's terminal does not accept contactless payments? Will my card still work?

Yes. Insert the contactless EMV card or swipe the magnetic stripe like you would have done with your previous card. Online purchases work the same as with your previous card.

How can I tell if a card or payment terminal accepts contactless payments?

Both the card and the terminal will have the contactless symbol noted:

Contactless Card Image

Can I use the contactless functionality for all of my purchases?

Contactless payment availability may vary depending on terminal enablement, merchant preferences, transaction location, or purchase amount. You may also be asked for your signature or PIN in some cases.

Does my contactless card work at the ATM?

Yes. You can still use your card to get cash, check your balance, and more.

Where can I use my contactless card?

Use your contactless EMV card at the same places you do now. Tap or insert your card at EMV enabled terminals or swipe your card at terminals that have not yet switched. You can use your card as you did before for online payments, telephone payments, and at ATMs.

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