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Did You Know? November 2023

by Stacy Wise | Nov 16, 2023


Relationship Banking


Benefits of Relationship Banking


Written by Andrea Klinedinst, Compliance Assistant



Your first thought when you think about going to see a Personal Banker may be that you’re going to see them to open some kind of account, but did you know that our Personal Bankers can help you with much more than that? Our Personal Bankers go above and beyond to develop Banking Relationships with our customers to provide you with the best service and care. Developing banking relationships with our Personal Bankers can help you to meet your financial goals by taking advantage of all the products and services we have to offer.


Benefits of Relationship Banking:


  1. Personalized Service – When you establish a banking relationship with our bankers, you can expect to have service that better fits your needs. If you come in once to open an account, but then only do your banking online, you could miss out on other opportunities and services that MNB provides that a Personal Banker could inform you of and help you use. As you develop a better banking relationship with our bankers, they can better familiarize themselves with your activity and can suggest more personalized services to you.
  2. Better knowledge of our services – As mentioned above, establishing a rapport with our bankers could lead you to discover more about products and services we offer besides the usual checking and savings accounts. For example, did you know that Personal Bankers are able to help you easily move your accounts to MNB with a Switch Kit, balance your checking accounts, and change your social security direct deposit electronically? If there is a banking service you need or wonder if we offer, establishing a banking relationship is a great way to start asking more questions and better familiarize yourself with what we can offer you.
  3. Quick turnaround – As our bankers become more familiar with you and your accounts, you can save time having to reexplain things and rely on your banker to quickly help with what you need. If there is something you do often or call in and need, our bankers could have it ready for you ahead of time and save you time waiting in the bank.
  4. Convenience – Our bankers are knowledgeable on all the different areas of our banking center, and if they are unable to answer a question you may have or provide you with a certain type of banking service or product you are looking for, they can connect you with someone else in the bank who can. You don’t have to worry about spending time trying to figure out who to see next, when they can simply direct you where to go.
  5. Dependability – During banking hours, you can always come in or call in and talk to a real person who cares about your needs or issues. From the second you call or walk in, our bankers pride themselves on making a community bank you can depend on and providing the best customer service.


There are several great benefits to developing relationships with your bankers. As a community bank, MNB is better able to focus on your needs. So, if you’re someone who only banks online, stop by and see what else we have to offer! If you have any questions or need any assistance, don’t hesitate to stop by one of our banking centers or give us a call at 877-647-5050!



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